Intelligent Robot Lab
Brown University, Providence RI

The Intelligent Robot Lab at Brown

The Intelligent Robot Lab is dedicated to the development of autonomous robots capable of generally intelligent behavior across a wide range of tasks and environments.

The IRL is directed by Professor George Konidaris, and is based in the Department of Computer Science at Brown University. It was formerly based at Duke, as part of Duke Robotics.

The IRL conducts interdisciplinary research spanning robotics, reinforcement learning, machine learning, task and motion planning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, though our research can often be broadly categorized as falling into the areas of intelligent robotics, mobile manipulation, and reinforcement learning.

We are generally focused on building complete intelligent agents rather than making narrow algorthmic advances, so we both develop new algorithms and discover new ways to integrate existing algorithms into complete systems that work in the real world.

The IRL is immensely grateful for the funding sources that allow us to do what we do:


Please feel free to browse our site to see the students and researchers who make up the IRL, a few research highlights, a list of our publications, and the software we have developed and made available.