Intelligent Robot Lab
Brown University, Providence RI

Joining the IRL

Thank you for your interest!

If you are a Brown undergraduate or ScM student:

  • The IRL uses the same process as the Humans to Robots Lab at Brown, so please see their instructions for joining.
  • Roughly speaking, come to lab meetings, independently complete some tutorials, then see if there's an ongoing research project to which you can help contribute.
  • We generally expect a 3-semester, or 2-semester plus a summer, commitment if you choose to become involved.

If you're interested in a PhD:

  • UPDATE: Please note that I am not planning to take ANY incoming PhD students for Fall 2022.

  • Please see the Brown Computer Science page for prospective graduate students.

  • The strongest PhD applications to work in the IRL usually have:
    • Evidence of expertise in mathematics (probability and statistics, multivariable calculus, and linear algebra) and programming.
    • Positive evidence of both research competence (i.e., you can carry out research) and creativity and initiative (i.e., you can generate feasible and innovative ideas).
    • Strong reference letters attesting to the above.
    • Interest in hierarchical reinforcement learning and/or learning motor skills and abstract symbolic representations for robotics, and a familiarity with Professor Konidaris's research program. (See this paper, this paper, and this talk.)

  • Please do not contact Professor Konidaris directly prior to your application; he receives many inquiries and cannot possibly answer all of them, so as a matter of fairness he answers none.